finger-print-banner-v2At Eve we focus on Marketing to Women and we do this for two reasons

One – because it makes sense. After all 80% of all purchases are made by women and they heavily influence the other 20%

And Two – because despite marketers attempts to connect with women 91% say that advertisers don’t understand them. The other 9% we applaud!

So what makes us different?

Women are complex so studying their demographic profiles or their lifestyle or their behaviour doesn’t give you a view of their world. It doesn’t tell you what motivates them, what their desires are and what values they hold.

The only way you can truly understand what women think and feel is by studying their personalities.

And before you say that’s impossible – you can’t look at the individual personality of every woman… there is a way

Women share certain personality traits and when they do they gravitate towards each other forming likeminded groups.

It’s studying these groups of women and getting to know them at a far deeper level that makes us different.