Woman of the month No2

Automotion Woman of the year

We are delighted to select Amy Rimmer as our second ‘Woman of the Month’.

Amy has recently been named as the overall winner of the Autocar Great British Women in the Car Industry – Rising Star 2017, a huge achievement for this 29-year-old autonomous car engineer.

Amy’s natural talent for maths took her to Cambridge University, where she graduated with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering.

She comes across as a woman full of passion for her chosen field but freely admits that cars weren’t really her ‘thing’ as she was growing up. However, her interest in automation saw her gaining an internship at McLaren F1 team, working on Volvo trucks before joining Jaguar Land Rover. There she works on Level 4 autonomous technology where cars drive themselves in restricted areas.

Amy’s goal to become a globally recognised expert on the subject seems to be going in the right direction. Mark Tisshaw, Autocar editor, commented: “Amy stood out to us as being a driving force behind one of the most significant automotive developments in a generation.”

Amy’s personality will also be playing a huge role in how she develops and interacts with the people around her. Our personalities include a set of mental characteristics which reflect the way in which we think, act and feel and Amy’s personality will have resulted in the decisions that have led her to being the woman she is today.

Amy hopes her story will motivate young women to pursue a career in the automotive industry, and to reap the rewards that the industry can offer.

She sounds an amazing woman and we wish her lots of success.


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