Woman of the month No1

The New Doctor

We are very excited that Jodie Whittaker – ‘The Doctor’ is launching our new ‘Woman of the Month’ series.

Reading the posts on social media regarding the gender switch has been really interesting but as we all know ‘Time Lords’ have always been able to swop genders, so why the fuss about a female doctor?

Jodie Whittaker is a brilliant actor, she’s been associated with some great roles so this is a fantastic opportunity to change things round a bit.

For us, it’s not only her gender that’s of interest, but also the personality she will bring to that role.

Everyone has their own unique personality and though acting requires actors to take on other personas a little bit of the real them creeps in.

So Jodie with her unique personality, as well as her gender, will bring something new and exciting to The Doctor role.

At Eve, we use personality profiling to help us market to women because personality profiling allows us to understand women to the core; what values they hold, how they see the world and how they respond to it.

Using Jung’s theory of personality helps us to improve our awareness and increase our understanding of women’s feelings in certain situations. This enables us to create communications that they can relate to and appreciate.


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