Women and healthcare

There have been many articles, blogs and books written about the buying power of women and it’s certainly true they account for most of the household purchases. But let’s look at one area where they have a massive influence – healthcare.

According to ‘Greenfields online for Arnold women’s Insight team’, 90% percent of families’ healthcare decisions are made by women. This is surprisingly high but an even more surprising statistic is that 66% of these women feel misunderstood by healthcare marketers.


Because they are not being approached in the right way, they are not being connected with on the right level.

Women pick up on little things like tone of voice, body language, they interpret things at a deeper and more emotional level and they do this instantly.

Understanding this is key and basing communication on that understanding is the only way we’ll achieve the right connection.

But how can we understand women at such a deep level? The answer lies in studying their personalities and this is what we focus on at Eve.

Women fall into distinctive personality groups and knowing how to approach these varying groups is the key to success. We would go as far as saying it’s the future of advertising.

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