Does personality affect the way women buy?

The answer is a definite YES

When an introvert woman is deciding whether to buy a brand – she needs time to think, time to research. Brand messaging should respect her private nature, allow her space and give her sufficient information to make an informed decision

Extravert women on the other hand tend to dive right in and want to be encouraged to purchase. They want to feel like VIP’s and get bound up in the excitement of novel brands and products

Jung defines introvert women as those who prefer to live in their internal world of thoughts and feelings while extrovert women relate much more to the outside world, connecting with people and activities.

In fact, extrovert women increase their energy levels by engaging with other people whereas introvert women are left depleted.

So when you’re selling your brands and products all this matters, from how busy or noisy your retail outlet is to how overly attentive your sales staff are – extravert women love noise and attention, introvert women don’t.

And this is only taking two dichotomies into account. When you add other aspects of personality such as Thinking vs Feeling, Intuitive vs Sensing and Perceiving vs Judging the picture gets a lot more complex

According to selling, 60 percent of men make their decisions based on thinking, and 40 percent on feeling. But for women, it’s the other way round 60 percent feeling and 40 percent thinking.

It’s a complex world when it comes to personalities and when it comes to marketing to women but there is a way to determine buyer traits and it’s definitely the way forward.

The closer you get to knowing how your women buyers think and feel the more likely you are to make the right connection.